Head SPA

Our services including a range of fabulous massages and body treatments (spa rituals, body scrubs).
All these amazing experiences are performed by certified and experienced spa specialists, do not require any special preparation of clients and are available at a time that suits you.
Only natural oils and ingredients are used.
With the help of our services, in 45-90 minutes you will remove mental and physical tiredness, relax and restore energy forces.

List of our services:

  • Classic body massage
  • Back, arm, leg massages
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Spa treatments
  • Body scrubs


After your session you will feel physical and mental renewal, freshness and vigor.

Head SPA – your physical and mental revitalization!



Quality of services – our main priority and value. Massages and body treatments are performed by qualified and experienced massage therapists.


Our services are available in the hotel you stay and at a time that suits you. Massages and body treatments do not require any special preparation of clients.


Only natural oils and organic ingredients are used during treatments.


Depending on the type of treatment, duration of your session will be from 45 to 90 minutes. Among the many effects of our treatments: muscle tension relief, relaxation, increased vitality and activity.


Seeking perfection and development, we are going to enlarge the list of offered services, and also to please you with variety of bonuses and surprises. You will never be bored with us!